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Why We Created Sqlephant

With two decades of experience developing SQL-bound applications, we’ve been down a well-trodden path time and time again.

Every new project for our clients presents the same challenge: the creation of a substantial amount of SQL boilerplate code. As many developers would understand, using ORM frameworks like Hibernate or NHibernate for our clients’ sensitive projects is often not viable. We require guaranteed deterministic operations, with no actions (such as commits) taking place in the background unless explicitly called for. This requirement often leaves us with a single alternative: writing or generating all the SQL code ourselves.

It became increasingly clear that we were tired of the repetitive tasks we’d all grown so familiar with:

  • Designing the SQL database schema.
  • Deciphering why our queries were producing errors.
  • Crafting SQL wrappers for new DML SQL requests.
  • Constructing CRUD classes.
  • Creating ready-to-use Web Apps, complete with full CSS customization capabilities, for CRUD operations.

Day after day, we grappled with these issues, longing for a tool that could save us the time and energy spent on these tedious, error-prone tasks.

Since we couldn’t find such a tool, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and Sqlephant was born. Now, we use Sqlephant daily, and we’re thrilled to share it with developers everywhere.

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