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The Future of the SW Industry: Protecting with AI

Introducing Sqlephant SQL injection protection Sqlephant SQLi Fixer protects against SQL Injection Embracing Technological Evolution How to be protected against SQL Injection ? How to leverage AI against SQLi ? The software industry is always changing with new technology. Understanding these changes is important for businesses that want to stay ahead. How to Navigating a Secure Digital Future ? That’s why, as we stand on the start of another technological leap, understanding the future trajectory of the software sector is crucial for businesses and stakeholders who...

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SQL and Its Legacy: Why AI is the Next Essential Step

At the heart of almost every application is a database. And almost invariably, this database speaks SQL. Since its inception in the 1970s, SQL has become the de facto standard for interacting with relational databases. But how did we get here? And facing modern challenges, what’s next for SQL? The Origins of SQLSQL (or “Structured Query Language”) was born out of the need to interact with databases in a standardized way. Before SQL, each database management system (DBMS) had its own way of formulating queries, making it challenging for developers. SQL changed the game by...

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