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How Sqlephant protects your data and Apps against SQL injection ?

Protect your data against SQL injection attacks

How to Protect your data and source code against SQL injection ?

Protect your data against SQL injection attacks with Sqlephant SQL injection Fixer (SQLiFixer), a patented and performant solution, to ensure protection quickly, securely, systematically and easily. SQL injection is the vector in 42% of the attacks (source owasp). For more detailed information on statistic click here.

Here are a key points to describe how Sqlephant SQLi Fixer works and the benefits :

  • Predictive Analytics and Automated Corrections:

Sqlephant ANALYZE patterns and behaviors in SQL code. It DETECT and identify SQLi vulnerabilities, systematically with a structured proven methodology.

Sqlephant AI-Powered SQLi Fixer then quickly offers FIXES for these vulnerabilities. Therefore it ensure immediate and precise PROTECTION to potential threats, before vulnerabilities can be exploited.

Developers keep the control, as all the corrections are tagged and traceable, also to allow the developers to decide and validate fixes.

  • Comprehensive Protection at Source Code Level:

By embedding protection directly into the source code, Sqlephant offers an inviolable layer of security, ensuring that the application is safeguarded from the ground up.

SQLi Fixer is easy to use. It can be deployed integrated in the Developers’ environment (for example via GIT hub). With its speed, quality and efficiency, you can check and secure the code regularly and – of course – before each deployment of new features, upgrade or version of the App.

Of course, Sqlephant works complementary to other safety solutions that companies have implemented, and offers a needed additional layer of security.

  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:

With #AI-powered automation, Sqlephant reduces the need for manual code reviews and vulnerability assessments. It replaces time-consuming manual corrections (that also may generate new errors), saving significant time and resources for businesses.

It also fix immediately the vulnerabilities, so that the protection can be operational quickly.

  • Real-time controlling and Adaptation:

Sqlephant SQLiFixer tool, with its level of performance and speed, allows to control applications regularly, to ensure the best coding and optimal SQLi protection at the code level.

Enhanced Customer Benefits

How Sqlephant works to protect your data against SQLi attacks ? Fast, Accurately, systematically, automatically, securely, transparently, and under developers control.

Therefore, Sqlephant’s solution, SQLiFixer keeps customer data and apps safe from SQL attacks. It helps manage SQL code a more easily, in a more cost-effective model.

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