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Sqlephant Features

SQL Schema Generation

  • Write your SQL schema by just specifying the name of the SQL columns.
  • Simple indication if a column is primary key.
  • Automatic AI-powered detection of SQL types.

Security and Confidentiality

  • Only metadata are used, and no corporate data is accessed.
  • All requests are discarded upon completion, and nothing is stored on servers.

Automatic Data Transfer Object (DTO) Generation:

  • Generate DTO by simply inputting field names.
    Automatic detection of field types.
  • Option to include comments and “to-string” implementations.

Automatic Data Transfer Object (DTO) Generation per SQL table

  • Generate DTO for a SQL Table by simple selection of the SQL table name.
  • Option to include comments and “to-string” implementations.

SQL Request and Injection Fixer

  • Fixes bugs in your SQL statements.
  • Detects and fixes SQL injection vulnerabilities in code.
  • Offers a Batch Mode for submitting all your app files at once.

Code Generation in Multiple Languages

  • Generates SQL Wrappers in Java, C#, PHP, and Python.
  • Creates ready-to-use wrapper, including a clean DTO mapping.

Text to SQL Feature

Transforms natural English requests into ready-to-use SQL statements.

CRUD Class Generation

Creates DAO and corresponding DTO for Create, Read, Update and Delete operations.

Visualization of SQL Schema

Provides a visual overview of the SQL schema, tables, and columns. Allows to easily build SQL requests.

Web App Generation (Coming Soon)

Generates web apps using the CRUD DAO and DTO (not available for all languages).

Additional Settings and Preferences

  • Parameterization of the package (Java) and namespace (C#) for easy integration into your app.
  • Automatic documentation of generated code.
  • Schema Visualization option.
  • Play a sound when the generated code is ready.
  • Dark mode support.

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