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Executive Summary

Sqlephant, powered by advanced AI technology, is a revolutionary SQL management and code generation tool that transforms the way developers interact with databases. A must-have for any serious developer, Sqlephant is designed to enhance productivity and streamline tedious, error-prone tasks, thus proving itself indispensable in the field.

Sqlephant’s key features include a SQL Schema Generator, SQL Request Fixer, SQL Injection Fixer, DTO automatic generation, and full method generation for DML calls (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE) each one created to optimize the development process. The platform’s intuitive interface also supports Text 2 SQL conversion and CRUD generation, providing an unparalleled ease and efficiency in handling databases.

The platform stands out with its AI-driven approach that automatically handles complex tasks, generating clean, efficient code for web apps with clear separation of concerns, including HTML, CSS, DTO, DAO, and Controller. This ensures user-friendly, comprehensible, and maintainable code that developers can easily integrate into their projects.

Sqlephant caters to a massive community of web and SQL developers by supporting the four dominant programming languages in the back end development sphere: C#, Java, PHP, and Python. This deliberate selection of languages amplifies Sqlephant’s accessibility and underlines its essential role for developers, businesses, and individuals leveraging these widely adopted languages.

For affordability and accessibility, Sqlephant offers both Professional and Enterprise plans, available on a monthly or annual basis with a limited time promotional offer. The Professional plan starts at €15/month (or €150/year), and the Enterprise plan at €25/month (or €250/year), providing full access to all features of code generation, standard or enhanced support, and a generous number of requests per month.

In response to the varying needs of corporations, Sqlephant has plans to introduce on-premise deployment options in the future. This feature will provide businesses with complete control over their infrastructure, ensuring ownership and governance of their data while benefiting from Sqlephant’s powerful features and productivity enhancements

Sqlephant is more than a nice-to-have tool – it is a vital asset for developers and businesses seeking efficiency and productivity. Transform your SQL database management experience with Sqlephant, the future of SQL tools, powered by AI, built for developers worldwide.

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