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AI-Powered SQL Development Companion: FREE for ALL

Swift schema generation with automated type inference
SQL Requests Fixer, SQL Injections Fixer
Comprehensive SQL Wrapper Generation for C#, Java, PHP, and Python
CRUD generation
Web App Generation tied to SQL tables
Secure: Operates solely on metadata

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Start Coding

Import your text schema to start generating various types of code: DTO/DAO, CRUD apps, Web Apps, and more.

Write your SQL schema by just specifying the name of the SQL columns

By the end of this paragraph, you’ll be familiar with our definition language: “t” means CREATE TABLE, “*” signifies PRIMARY KEYS, and “nn” indicates NOT NULL. We’ll take care of predicting the column types



Security and Confidentiality Guaranteed

We prioritize your privacy – we only use metadata, never your corporate data. Rest assured, all requests are discarded once completed.


Automatic DTO generation

Just enter the field names and press GO! We’ll handle the DTO (Data Transfer Object) creation and type prediction for you.

SQL Requests Fixer
SQL Injections Fixer

We have a classic Request Fixer that irons out the bugs in your SQL statements

Moreover, our unique, patent-pending technology not only identifies but also rectifies all SQL injection vulnerabilities in your code. Our Batch Mode allows you to submit all your app files with just a single click.

Generates SQL Wrappers in Java, C#, PHP and Python

Just drop a SQL query into our editor.

You’ll receive a fully prepared wrapper complete with a clean DTO mapping.

CRUD Generation

Just pick the SQL table you want to use, then hit GO! This will generate ready-to-use Create, Read, Update, and Delete functions. We’ll create the matching DTOs for you.

Web App Generation

(Coming Soon)

Choose the SQL table you wish to utilize and select the desired CRUD operation, then simply click GO!

This process will immediately generate a user-friendly Web Application, characterized by clear, comprehensible code featuring separation of concerns, which includes:

  • Data Transfer Object (DTO).
  • Data Access Object (DAO).
  • Web Class.
  • HTML page.
  • CSS code

Our platform ensures full transparency – no code is obscured by a framework, providing you with straightforward access to all elements for uncomplicated maintenance.

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